Sunday, October 19, 2014

(Extremely Late) September 2014 Favorites

Hey guys! I know I'm SO late but here are my September Favorites. I thought I should upload anyway since this post was ready LONG back but since I forgot to take a pic of one of the products I kept putting it off but not anymore! I just thought I'd upload this without it anyway, lol.

These are the products I've wow-ed over every time I reached out for them in my makeup routine the past month. I also included swatches wherever possible so you can get an idea of the products. Hope you like it!

1. Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation & Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

The foundation:
Great coverage, my perfect color match, blends easily, gives a demi-matte to matte finish depending on your skin type, lasts a really long time (I once accidentally slept with my makeup on and believe me when I say the makeup looked pretty good the next morning too!). Definitely recommend!

The concealer:
Although I use my Mac Pro Longwear Concealer for bigger events and parties pretty much all the time, I found myself using this quite a lot too the past month. On the days I don't want to wear foundation I just go with this under my eyes and on the high points to my face (forehead, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, chin). Great coverage, blends easily, and gives a beautiful natural finish.

3. Benefit That Gal Face Primer
I have the mini size I got in a gift bag from Sephora on upgrading to VIB status a long time ago but I only just started using this. I love how it visibly brightens the face, leaving the skin feeling more hydrated and can I just say how amazing this smells (like strawberries and cream <3)

4. Laura Mercier Brightening Loose Powder
Just a great powder to set my concealer and T-zone when I don't want extra coverage to my foundation. A little goes a long way and prevents my concealer from creasing.

5. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
This is magic in a bottle. I've been using this for nearly two years now but now when I ran out of it (again) I had to resort to the Makeup For Ever Setting Spray or Mac Fix + and then I realized how much more I loved it! Sets your makeup, takes away the powdery finish to give a natural one, never emphasizes your pores or fine lines and the best part is if you spray a little much it won't make your face all sticky or your pores more visible (unlike the other two I mentioned).

6. Sleek Contour Kit
I mentioned this in my UK Haul from a few months back and honestly ever since I can't stop using this! Earlier I only used to reach out for the bronzer shade in this (awesome neutral tone, can sheer it out to give a light bronzed look or build it up for a heavy contoured effect). But lately I've been loving the highlight color too! Its a perfect pinky-champagne and will look great on all skin tones.

7. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes in Tipsy and Exposed
These are my ultimate fave blushes! I had my brother get this for me last year when he was vacationing in Malaysia and haven't stopped using these since. These have an amazing lasting power, they're non-powdery and the best part is they are so user friendly! They're easy to blend and you can always sheer it out to give a more natural flush to the cheeks or build it up for a more heavier look. Both these colors are my faves.

8. Marc Jacobs The Lolita Palette
Amazing pigmentation, blends like a dream and the color selection is beautiful! This is the only palette in my collection that I've used so frequently since the Urban Decay Original Naked Palette. The only possible complain anyone can ever have with this is that you have to use it carefully to avoid shadow fallout. But honestly, I don't mind :)

9. Makeup Studio Jewel Effects in Shine
My favorite thing about this glitter is how fine this is! Gives the shine of glitter without looking chunky or too obviously glitter like. You can use this in my so many ways! (Let me know if you would like a post on the many ways you can use this!)

10. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Showy
These crayon type twist up lippies have become my fave over the past few months! I love the matte finish these give. I have three more shades but I've been loving the purple tone of this one! I know it doesn't look purple toned at all in the pictures (because I took these before sunset so my cam picked up only the warmer tones) but its a beautiful pink-purple shade.

11. Mikyaji 22K Brow Shaper
This is the little devil I forgot to take an individual picture of! (its that skinny golden thing on the top of the cover picture) Fave brow pencil of the moment. Great price, very easy to use and lasts a long time on the brows!


Laura Mercier:
Maybelline and Revlon: Centrepoint in Salam Mall/ Andalus Mall/ Mall of Arabia
Benefit and Marc Jacobs: Sephora in Red Sea Mall/Mall of Arabia
Makeup Studio: Makeup Studio Store in Salam Mall

Thats it for this post! See ya in my next :)

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Love it or Leave it: Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue

Hello there peeps!

For todays Love it or Leave it we are talking about the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue.

According to the Too Faced website, this is what it claims:
"Wandering glitters and shimmers are for amateurs. This featherweight primer is specially formulated to keep glitters, shimmers and powders in place. The hard-working formula also evens skin tone and softens fine lines. Shadows, powders and glitters glide on effortlessly, stay in place and stay intensified for 24+ hours." 
Love it or Leave it?

Definitely love it!

I used it on myself for my brother's wedding a few months ago and this was a total winner!

It works great not only for glitters but also for pigments or shimmery/glittery eye shadows. I especially love this for glitter as it is so easy to use as it has a creamy consistency, minimizes fall out during application and holds the glitter in place for as long as I need it to! A total must have for glitter lovers or anyone who loves using intense pigments or glittery/sparkly eye shadows.

How I use it:

I just use a small flat shader brush to first apply this primer to my eyelids and then use the same brush to pick up my loose glitter and apply it using patting motions.

Where to get it:

Available at all Sephora stores.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

theBalm Instain Blushes Review & Swatches

Hey there peeps!

After what feels like FOREVER, I'm back and blogging! And today I'm reviewing for you theBalm Instain Blushes :)

The blushes are in a cardboard compact that comes with a pretty decent sized mirror and a magnetic closure so its all pretty secure and excellent for travel! The best part is the fact that they look like little magazines! How adorable is that?!

Pigmentation and blendability:
All of these blushes are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way.  However, they can get a little tricky to blend sometimes so using the right brush is essential. I like to use a fluffy brush thats not too dense so I don't put too much on and they blend easily.

Texture and Longevity:
These blushes are smooth, non-powdery and super long lasting! I recommend you use these when you have a long lasting foundation on to avoid the clown-like appearance at the end of the day when all your face makeup has faded off but the blush is still holding on!

Houndstooth: is a mauve  with a satin finish. Perfect for fall.

Toile: is a coral  with a satin finish. Its both peachy and pink which gives a beautiful color to the cheeks.

Lace: is a bright pink with a matte finish. Gives a nice "flushed" effect to your cheeks

Photos and Swatches:

theBalm Instain Blush: Houndstooth
theBalm Instain Blush: Houndstooth 
theBalm Instain Blush: Houndstooth

theBalm Instain Blush: Toile
theBalm Instain Blush: Toile
theBalm Instain Blush: Toile

theBalm Instain Blush: Lace
theBalm Instain Blush: Lace
theBalm Instain Blush: Lace

Swatches (from left to right): theBalm Instain Blush in Houndstooth, Toile, Lace [taken outdoor in daylight]

Swatches (from left to right): theBalm Instain Blush in Houndstooth, Toile, Lace [taken indoor with flash]

Disclaimer: I swatched the blushes heavily so you can see the color of these clearly. However, this is not what will look like on your cheeks so don't be afraid, lol.

Who I would recommend these to:
I would recommend these to anyone looking for super pigmented, long lasting blushes! So that makes it especially perfect for weddings and parties, which is what I use these for. However, I wouldn't recommend these to anyone who is just starting out with makeup as using these blushes does require a bit of technique.

My favorite:
Definitely Toile! Its such a unique color and looks beautiful on :)

Where I shop theBalm:
My brother actually bought me these from when he was in the UK over a year ago. However you can order from their official website too:

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Whites Haul + Exciting Discovery

Hey guys!

I have another haul for you guys! It was my first time shopping at Whites Pharmacy and I totally flipped when I saw the brands there. I had never before heard about this pharmacy so I figured I should let ya'll know. Scroll down for more pictures and brands info.

1. Essence Sun Club Bronzer #01

I haven't tried this bronzer on yet, but let me tell you something. It smells like COCONUT! You can totally smell it the moment you open it. I'm so glad about this because I love coconut. I will buy everything coconut if I could.
Price: 21 sr

Essence Sun Club Bronzer #01

Essence Sun Club Bronzer #01

2. Essence Lash and Brow Gel

This is a clear gel I have used and loved and I ran out of it about a year back. I use it to set my brows when I'm not filling them in and often use it on my lashes when I'm going for a total natural look. The best part is the price. Totally recommend.
Price: 11 sr

Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara

3. Essie nail polish in:

Mint Candy Apple
This is like the most hyped about color from Essie. Its a beautiful mint color which goes on super opaque, and dries fairly quickly. Favorite.color.ever.
Price: 40 sr

Its a beautiful subtle white. Its a little sheer and you'd probably need a good two coats at least to get it to be opaque. White nail polish is all the hype right now in the fashion world and I totally get it because it gives such a clean, modern and sophisticated look. Totally in love!
Price: 40 sr

On the top: Essie Nail Polish in Marshmallow
On the bottom: Essie Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple

5. EOS lip balm in sweet mint

It feels like a regular lip balm with super cute packaging. It has a strong mint smell and flavor and feels cooling on the lips. The thing I find special about this is that unlike most lip balms that can give a greasy feel, this isn't greasy at all. I think its pretty ideal for using before applying your lipstick as it gets soaked in pretty fast.
Price: 35 sr

EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm

EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm

Where can I find Whites Pharmacy in Jeddah?
In Salaam Mall, opposite to Danube.

Makeup brands Available in Whites:
Okay, so by now you probably already know that Whites carry Essie nail polishes. I believe this is the full range and I'm so absolutely stoked about it! They also carry Essence, Incoco, Real Techniques, Ardell Lashes, Kiss Lashes, EOS lip balms- all of which I have never before seen anywhere in Jeddah. They also carry some awesome skincare brands which I'm excited to try out next time.

Other than these, they also carry Loreal, Revlon and Maybelline, which you also get in tons of other places too.

Essie Nail Polishes at Whites

Essie Nail Polishes at Whites

Incoco Nail Strips at Whites

Real Techniques at Whites

Real Techniques at Whites

Ardell Lashes at Whites

Different lash brands available at Whites

Greenland skincare products

So thats it for my haul. 

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer Review & Swatches

Hey guys!
Today I will be reviewing the MAC pro longwear concealer for ya'll. I hope you find it helpful :)

Its sort of a glass bottle with a pump. Although, I'd say one pump gives a LOT of product, and its kinda hard to do a half pump, so I usually end up wasting a little bit of the product every time cos I don't really need it. I think MAC can definitely work on that pump a bit more.

Its a liquid concealer so its very smooth to apply. It dries nicely after applying so you know its really set in place, although if you are someone with more wrinkles or crease lines or someone with oilier skin, I do recommend you set it with a good undereye powder. 

Coverage wise I'd say its almost full coverage. Although you can easily sheer it out a little if you apply using a damp beauty blender. You can see in the pictures below how pigmented this concealer is!

This is the best part. It is so long wearing its crazy, at least for me. Once I went out to a party and after coming home I slept with my makeup on. When I woke up in the morning my concealer still looked so fresh! It holds extremely well under moisture too!

Final thoughts:
I have loved this concealer since the first time I bought it last August! I finished one bottle and a month back bought another one so I'd say one bottle would last you a long time since a little goes a LONG way! This works excellently on blemishes, and even better under your eyes as it does not crease or settle in lines. It doesn't matter what you apply it with, I've used it with a brush, beauty blender and even my fingers and it does the magic each time! Excellent for parties, brides and even in the summers.

Who might not like it:
People with extremely dry under eyes or anyone who doesn't have any under eye bags to begin with can find it unnecessarily heavy.

Quick tips:
Apply with
*a damp beauty blender for lighter/thinner coverage.
*brush for heavier coverage/ on blemishes etc.
*fingers for a more natural and blended finish.

Around 100-120 sr (I believe it was 105 sr)

Where I shop MAC at:
Red Sea Mall

Pictures and swatches:

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

I use the shade NC20

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer Swatches

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