Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Current Favorite Nude Lipstick (Givenchy Beige Mousseline Le Rouge Lipstick Review)

Hey loves!

I was in the makeup section in Harrods (London) strolling around when I came across the Givenchy counter. Naturally, I wouldn't buy anything from there because you get Givenchy in Jeddah too, and its probably a better idea to spend on something I would have trouble getting elsewhere. But I knew I had this one lipstick on my wishlist from the time I laid my eyes upon it on Temptalia, and I couldn't resist. It was-

The Givenchy Beige Mousseline Le Rouge Lipstick. 

So starting off, the packaging is just beautiful! It feels very luxurious and is a little bit heavier than most of my lipsticks, which is exactly what I expect from a lipstick I'm paying 22 pounds for! Oh, and the guy at the counter told me that the packaging has real leather, so cool right?

The color is a beautiful light-beige with warm undertones- which is a perfect nude for my skin tone (I'm an NC20 in MAC, and I think it'd definitely work well for someone who is NC25ish too).

The lipstick gives a satin finish, wears well for 3-4 hours and almost feels hydrating!

Here are photos and swatch of the lipstick in day light:

How I feel about this lipstick:

Well honestly I've fallen completely in love. For long I was on a hunt for a more beige toned nude that'd be perfect for my skin tone and now I really feel like this is it. What I love even more about it more than the color is the texture. The finish it gives makes my lips look more fuller, smoother and just everything good. I'm definitely looking forward to buying more from their line :)

Where can I shop Givenchy in Jeddah?

Paris Gallery in Andalus Mall, Red Sea Mall
Sephora in Andalus Mall, Salam Mall, Red Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia
VaVaVoom in Andalus Mall
Faces in Al-Salam Mall, Red Sea Mall

When it comes to finding the perfect nude, what works for me may or may not work for you. I will really recommend you swatch and check this color out for yourself at the store if you are interested, just to be sure that it complements your skin tone and is the finish you like. I would hate to spend money on something I end up not liking. Especially if its a higher-end product.

Comment down below if you have ever tried any of the lipsticks from Givenchy, or if you are planning to :)

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